PHT Project

1.2 MW, VT

Year: 2013
Running Gear: A single 1220 kW Kaplan Turbine, and direct connect synchronous generator.
Scope: Control system for a new power plant at an existing dam

The current owners of this northern VT hydroelectric plant purchased the project in non-running condition, and committed to re-developing the site with modern equipment. It was determined that the foundation of the original powerhouse, built over 80 years ago, had been undermined, and that a complete replacement was warranted. The owners re-designed the project works, and built a new powerhouse. New equipment for this plant includes a Kaplan turbine by Canadian Hydro Components, a vertical shaft brushless synchronous generator by Potencia, and controls and many auxiliaries supplied by PHT.

Piedmont Hydro Tech designed, built, and installed the control system, supplied the protection relay, vacuum contactor switchgear, static exciter, turbine hydraulic power unit, and a remote panel at the dam for gate control and level sensing, and other auxiliaries. 

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