Used Equipment For Sale -  turbines, generators, and additional equipment

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HydroArt S-type turbines, generator, and other equipment
1 MW Turbine
1 MW Induction Generator
500 kW Turbine
Electrical (transformers, breakers) and other equipment
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Propeller Turbines, gearboxes, generators, and other equipment
Two used 500 kW propeller turbines, including gate cases.
88-in diameter.  Rated 500 kW at 15-ft head.
Two throat rings (were embedded in concrete)
Two used Falk 500 kW 133 rpm to 900 rpm gearboxes
Two used Toshiba 500 kW, 900 rpm induction generators

Also included:
Various drive and gate shafts, bearings, etc. for the above units
Control cabinet for both units consisting of vacuum contactors, power correction capacitors, protective relays, programmable controller, panel mount meters and switches.

Hydropower Project For Sale

For Sale - Proposed development on an Army Corps of Engineers dam in Western N.C.
2 MW FERC-Licensed Hydro Project
Estimated generation of 13 GWh / year.

Project includes:
FERC license
401 water quality permit
Aquatic Biota Study
Non-invasive geotechnical results for locating the proposed penstock
30% engineering drawings

Leffel 36 A propeller turbine
GE Synchronous Generator.  400 RPM, 2400 kVA, 4160V.

Project is in the middle of the design approval process with the Army Corps of Engineers. Potential buyers sought to purchase the project to complete development and construction. Please call 336-589-6138 for more information.