Operating from the Piedmont region of North Carolina, Piedmont Hydro Technologies, LLC serves the needs of the small hydro community, engineering solutions for owners, operators, utilities, and others that operate hydroelectric facilities as small as 100kW, to over 10MW. PHT control systems provide the kind of integrated protection and control found in larger hydro operations, but with modern technology and features optimized to the unique demands of run-of-river small hydro.

At PHT, we have expert in-house hydropower engineers with years of practical experience in the day-to day operation of small hydroelectric plants. PHT operates our own 2.2MW hydro in NC, a plant which also powers the PHT manufacturing workshop.

PHT was founded because we think we do small hydro better. When faced with the technical problems common to small hydro when first developing our own hydro project, we were frustrated by the lack of solutions, much less affordable solutions, on the market for small hydro. This was especially true for automation, which is crucial for small plants that likely can’t have a full time operator. We knew there had to be a better way, and as experienced engineers, we had the tools to create better solutions for ourselves. We have put in thousands of hours of engineering development time to produce powerful, cost-effective, easy-to-use solutions that just work.

We formed Piedmont Hydro Technologies, LLC to provide solutions that are based on what we would do for ourselves, and that are customized to meet your needs.  Through our history of providing answers and implementing solutions to address the technical challenges of hydro operation, PHT has earned the reputation as the go-to resource for small hydro automation. We are committed to providing robust, effective solutions for small hydropower applications.

Piedmont Hydro Tech

Piedmont Hydro Tech specializes in hydropower automation and engineering; designing, building, and installing control systems for hydroelectric power plants

Hydro as Renewable Power

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Our Own Hydro

The PHT manufacturing facility is powered by our own hydroelectric plants.