Used turbines, generator, and additional equipment for sale
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1 MW Unit
1 MW Turbine - variable pitch propeller HydroArt tubular axial turbine
     Make No. 642, 1985
     45° shaft S-type turbine, 5 blade, max net head 65-ft, 212 CFS, 427 rpm,
     994 kW shaft power at gearbox input
Speed increaser gearbox
1 MW generator – Westinghouse Induction, 4160 V, 726 rpm
Butterfly valve – nominal diameter 1400 mm
Hydraulic power unit – operates the turbine blades and butterfly valve
Spare seals and bearings
(HydroArt Manual in 3-ring binder for the 1MW unit only)

500kW Unit
0.5 MW Turbine - variable pitch propeller HydroArt tubular axial turbine,
     Make No. 641, 1985
     45° shaft S-type turbine, max net head 65-ft, 106 CFS, 505 kW, 508 rpm
Speed increaser gearbox
(No generator for this unit)
Butterfly valve - 1200 mm diameter
Hydraulic power unit
Spare seals and bearings

Transformer – 1500 kVA, 12470 delta / 4160Y (2400v P-N), 5 taps,
     5.77% impedance, MFG Jan 1987
Breakers - 3 x 1200A breakers in cabinets -
     Westinghouse VCP Circuit Breaker, vacuum breakers,
     draw-out type with draw-out hoist tool,
     less than 1000 cycles  on breaker operations counters, 1200A, operate on
     48VDC, rated 4.76 kV
     2 control panels
     4 water pumps

This equipment was originally installed in the late 1980s on a 42-ft dam in northern Virginia. It was operated for about fifteen years, until its municipal owners decided to shut it down to preserve water levels for fire protection and recreational aesthetics of lakefront residences. After shutdown, it was left in place in the heated, well-drained powerhouse. The equipment has never been vandalized, and has no known operational problems.

The equipment was purchased by Piedmont Hydro Technologies in 2013, was removed from the powerhouse by PHT in 2013 and 2014, and transported to our yard in Mayodan, North Carolina.  

All equipment is located in our yard in NC, inside or under cover, in ready to ship condition.  The generator is stored with winding heat applied. The gearboxes are stored full of oil.  The butterfly valves were holding back water with near zero leakage when taken out.

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In addition, we'd appreciate the opportunity to quote a control system for this equipment.

Photos of the equipment for sale, at our facility in Mayodan, NC. Click on a photo to see the full size image.

Photos showing equipment removal by PHT.

Photos of the equipment prior to removal.