PHT Project


Year: 2014
Running Gear: Two 500 kW Francis turbines and direct connect synchronous generators.
Scope: Replacement of control system

Originally built in the 1980s, this hydro facility, located on a tributary to the Hudson River, was purchased by its current owner in early 2013. The original Allen-Bradley SLC500-based control system was becoming infeasible to support, and did not provide the protection and features of a current state of the art control system that allow for effective unmanned and remote operation.

PHT was selected to provide a new control system, with a scope that included replacing the PLC, adding a utility grade, multifunction protective relay, and adding controls for the inflatable flashboards, trash rack cleaner, and head gate. Headpond level control and unit dispatch logic allow one or both units to run automatically as needed to optimally use the available inflow on this run-of-river project.

This was the first control system provided for this customer, who has since contracted with PHT to supply controls on additional projects.

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